Celsius above the hot things or too cold things

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Celsius above the hot things or too cold things

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<p>can dip a small amount of water-soluble or oily detergent wipe. Should not use chemical brightener, so as not to damage the film sticky. 3, the environment may wish to increase the humidity of mahogany furniture room, avoid the indoor temperature is too high, generally people in the room wearing a sweater feel comfortable is appropriate. Spring, autumn, winter three seasons, if the indoor air is dry, should be in the vicinity of furniture, or the top, put a few pots </p>
<p>of water at the bottom, conditional humidifier can be used to spray wet (not directly to the furniture on the water), but also in the room Fish, flowers, the same can play to adjust the indoor air humidity effect. Summer should always open air conditioning wetting to reduce the moisture absorption of wood expansion. 4, handling the move should not lift the table in the handling of mahogany furniture, be sure to lift off the ground, lightly put, absolutely can not drag on </p>
<p>the ground, so as not to damage the structure of the tenon. When moving mahogany tables and chairs, watch the table and chairs to prevent scratches. Cabinet is best to remove the door and then handling, on the one hand can reduce the weight, on the other hand can also avoid the door activities and accidents. If you want to move the special heavy furniture, you can use the soft rope in the furniture under the chassis and then move. 5, the use of the cup should not </p>
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